We get the stone rolling

If you’ve got big plans, you’ve got to take care of the little things. Even the biggest plant and machinery can only perform its impressive tasks if every single connection is carefully and precisely planned, every screw in the right place. We at Au­gust Mül­ler GmbH & Co. KG know this. After all, we have lots of experience. Over 100 years of it, nationally and internationally.

The machines that we develop all pass the best test there is – the practical test. Because we work closely with our customers and can also offer them individual solutions, we know exactly what first-class plant and machinery has to look like, not just in the plans, but also – and especially – on-site.



However, we do much more than offer plant, machinery and complete solutions for the stone and earth industry, and machinery for the mining industry, salt mines and gypsum plants. We support our customers for the entire life cycle of the products they purchase from us, starting with the initial advice, planning and project execution through to providing after-sales service from a competent team of repair, assembly and field experts. Of course, we also make sure that deliveries of spare parts and conversions are carried out quickly and unbureaucratically – which we are able to do by keeping our stock levels permanently high.


Our customers benefit from our experience and vice versa; after all, their feedback goes into our innovations. We never rest on our laurels, but instead follow and integrate technical and technological innovations wherever it makes sense to do so. And so we have turned Au­gust Mül­ler GmbH & Co. KG into a company that is active all over Europe, with reference projects in countries including France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.