Complete systems

We plan and manufacture your system for the processing of broken stones and chips so that it complies with current requirements for the treatment of broken stones and stone chips. The following machines are all constructed in our technical offices and manufactured in our own works. Our sales department will discuss your needs and requirements and the technical details with you on-site. The project planning and construction are handled in our offices by our planners and constructors on modern CAD equipment. You will then receive the corresponding plans.



We work in close co-operation with our customers to produce individual, tailor-made solutions on the highest level of quality. The systems are assembled on-site by qualified fitters under the supervision of project manager and assembly/repair managers. Needless to say, we are always available to deal with any questions you may have, and we will remain in constant contact with you.


Mobile system

A mobile caterpillar system is used as the basic chassis for replacement with a roller screen in the single-level version, adjustable roller screen VR 35 or finger roller screen F2.


The system is fed by digger directly from the rock face or from the slag heap being reprocessed. In the version with the roller screen or adjustable roller screen, the maximum feed size is set at an approximate side length of 800 mm with no restrictions by the grid on the charging hopper. The charging hopper has fold-down side walls and back so that the necessary transportation width can be observed.


In the version with the finger roller screen, a hydraulically tilting protective grid is placed on the charging hopper. The maximum feed size is 300 mm side length.


The throughput material is drawn under the roller screens by a belt conveyor running lengthways and designed in a special width to keep the overall height down. It is delivered on a hydraulically tilting belt conveyor, arranged either left or right of the direction of conveyance.


The oversize is withdrawn from the roller screen or finger roller screen by a chain conveyor in the same design as the charging hopper. The system has a standard chassis and so can be used anywhere, and the roller screens or finger roller screens can be exchanged.


The entire roller screening plant is to be considered as an independent system. It has a power set, hydraulic power pack, control cabinet in a universal construction, remote control for the caterpillar drive and tilt functions for the hopper walls and belt conveyor.