Conveyor belts

A belt conveyor is a motor-powered loop of material that is wrapped around drive rollers, load-bearing rollers and pulleys for the continuous conveyance of bulk and piece goods. Belt conveyors with a troughed carrying belt are used primarily for bulk materials.


  • High output
  • Long conveying distances
  • Relatively low energy requirements
  • No revolution during transportation
  • Transported goods are handled with care
  • Quiet in operation
  • Quick and easy installation


Förderbänder Förderbänder

  • Long-lasting
  • Drive station with driving drum and drive motor
  • Tensioning station with tensioning drum and tensioning device
  • Weight-loaded tensioning stations
  • Frame construction made as a tube, IPE, lattice boom or U construction
  • Conveyor belt
  • Monitoring equipment, e.g. belt misalignment switch and rip cord emergency switch