Special constructions


We construct and build all kinds of slides and chutes as well as hoppers in various materials and with rubber and/or hardox linings, depending on the installation and materials.

Rake cleaner

A rake cleaner is inserted in front of the turbine entrance in hydro stations. The hydraulic rake pulls wood and other floating refuse out of the water to prevent blockages of the turbine.



Settling tank for road salt

Road salt is shot onto a metal sheet for separation, and divided into light and heavy constituents. The heavy material falls downwards, and is carried away by a screw conveyor. The light ma­te­ri­al is blown around a baffle, exiting the settling tank through the opening on the back.

Pit barrier

The pit barrier was developed to provide additional personal safety. When the hall door is open, the pit barrier moves into the position shown at the bottom, preventing persons from falling into a pit.