Stepped bar screen/Screening machine

Vibrating preparatory work for the crushers

Mül­ler stepped bar screens and screening machines are vibration screens that are usually positioned between the push feeder and the crusher, and whose task is to separate loamy unusable material (waste) from the crushed stone. The forescreens are particularly strong, and designed for a long lifetime. They are made in all shapes and sizes, as vibratory screens, single or double deckers.


  • For screening grit, gravel, chippings, sand and other loose materials
  • Single, double and 2.5-deckers
  • Lengths and widths as appropriate to the task
  • Side walls made from killed special sheets with reinforcing profiles on the long sides and spring supports
  • Welded exchangeable fabric frame screwed to the side walls and wavy or flat in the direction of tension
  • Screen bearing surface lined with profiled rubber
  • Screen fabrics with clamping devices on the side walls for quick replacement
  • Steel wire or synthetic screen linings


Stufenstabrost Stufenstabrost

  • Eccentric shaft in the shaft guard tube with large special spherical roller bearings with bearing housing and labyrinth seals
  • Special spherical roller bearings lubricated with oil or grease
  • Oil supply in the shaft guard tube
  • Oil level indicator in a see-through hose
  • Adjustable imbalance
  • Driven by intermediate gear and cardan shaft
  • Carried on compression springs with a protective tube
  • Dust cover available on request