Tool stands


Tool stand AMP 20, AMP 30 for Hate­bur hot forming presses

  • The member of staff released by Schlenker who has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of various tool stands
  • The company’s complete customer database and all drawings, as well as the completion of any existing orders with these customers
  • All the casts for the various AMP 20 and AMP 30 tool stands

What we will do for you:The precision drilling equipment with all the machinery, including all special tools

We, Au­gust Mül­ler GmbH & Co. KG of Rott­weil, have moved into a new production area: tool stand manufacture. We develop and make tool stands that are used to create large quantities of precision items in metal.


The background:


When the Schlen­ker Cie. of Horn­berg filed for bankruptcy, we acquired the whole of this production area from the company. It includes:

What we will do for you:

  • We make new AMP 20 and AMP 30 tool stands
  • We regenerate your used tool stands
  • We repair various Hatebur machine components
  • We manufacture for stock for you: AMP 20 and AMP 30 tool stands, either whole or split


What makes us who we are:

We, or rather the former Schlen­ker Cie., have been serving our customers in this sector for over 25 years.


Our references:

  • Neumayer Tekfor GmbH Hausach
  • VHW Metallpresswerk Spaichingen
  • Lisi Automotive Vöhrenbach